Victoria Profio

Victoria Profio has been around music for as long as she can remember.  At the age of seven, she started taking piano lessons from her Grandmother.  In Middle School, Victoria began singing and playing keys in her youth worship band.  At age twelve, she taught herself to play the guitar and decided to take lessons at age thirteen.  Through High School, Victoria became increasingly involved in singing, playing guitar, and keys with the worship team at Westgate Church, with her high school worship team, and with The Jam Center’s advanced rock band.  She has always enjoyed playing and jamming with other people at church, with family, and with friends.  In fall of 2015, Victoria started her first semester at West Valley College and is planning to continue her music studies there.  She is excited about where her passion for music will take her in the future.  Victoria enjoys connecting musically through teaching and jamming with others.  Thanks to The Jam Center, Victoria has been able to grow musically and pursue her passion even more whether it is with guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and even ukulele!